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WARR Hyperloop 2 prototype

Picture: TUM WARR Hyperloop team

US business magnate Elon Musk plans to turn his hyperloop vision for a future transport system that propels passengers between cities at the speed of sound into reality by 2030. Students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have won his Hyperloop Pod Competition for the second time – easily outpacing the rest of the field.

Three times faster than the competition

Imagine traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco, from New York to Washington, or from Munich to Berlin in half an hour or even less. The hyperloop vision plans to dramatically accelerate travel times by propelling 30 or so passengers from A to B in pods speeding through massive tubes.

Keen to fast-track the high-speed capsule idea, Elon Musk launched the Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015. Teams of students from around the world were invited to submit their designs for hyperloop transport pods. The top three prototypes then competed against each other on a test track in California in January 2017. TUM’s WARR Hyperloop team were declared the winners when their pod recorded the fastest speed of 94 km/h.

When the next competition rolled around in August 2017, a new team of TUM students managed to repeat their predecessors’ success. This time, the pod reached a speed of 324 km/h, three times faster than the nearest competitor. The TUM hyperloop pod set a new world record to boot – topping the highest speeds achieved by commercial developers.

Video: WARR Hyperloop reaches 324 km/h (0:26 Min.)


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